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Determine the Difference Between Granite and Marble

Revel in the luxury and glimmer of engineered marble. PRO Installation handles a variety of engineered marble fixtures and furnishings for your house. You'll love the look of gorgeous engineered marble in your bathroom. Granite and marble are similar with a few key differences. We'll help you determine which looks best in your home. These two materials differ in their:

Appearance | Price ranges | Maintenance | Hardness | Durability

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remodeled bathroom with marble

Choose an engineered marble panel that can work as the centerpiece of a room

Your new engineered marble panels will draw every eye in the room no matter where you place it. Choose from several different patterns and designs when redecorating your home with engineered marble.

Our engineered marble is all clean and untreated. We don't use any sealers to preserve the engineered marble, keeping its genuine, authentic appearance. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your engineered marble panels. We service all of Northern Colorado.